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Reserva El Jaguar

Type of destination:

  • Farm / ranch / rural
  • Forest / rainforest
  • Mountain

Type of accommodation:

  • Bungalow / cabaña / ecolodge
  • Research station

Rates: (in US dollars)

$51 – $75
See details about rates below.


El Jaguar is in the department of Jinotega in north-central Nicaragua, within a critical cloud forest ecosystem. It features 247 acres (100 hectares), of which 200 acres (80 hectares) are pristine cloud forest and 50 acres (20 hectares) have organic coffee certified by the OCIA and Rainforest Alliance. El Jaguar is a very interesting place for researchers because it houses Pacific as well as Caribbean bird species, and those that migrate here from the north. We also have an important confluence of birds and mammals from the highland areas of northern Central America.

The site is famous as a bird sanctuary which is why bird watching is one of the favorite activities of visitors to the reserve. It is also an established site for research and bird banding; these activities are carried out on pre-defined dates.

The reserve's cloud forests have an excellent conservation status and trails of different lengths for hiking. It also offers a sustainable coffee tour.


  • Four apartments with two double rooms, a small living room, hot water showers, a terrace, and solar-powered lighting.
  • Two bungalows with one double room each, a small living room, hot water showers, a terrace, and solar-powered lighting.
  • A biological station with four rooms with bunk beds for students and researchers, outdoor bathrooms with hot water, and solar energy.


  • Event space (conferences / parties)
  • Hot water
  • Private bathroom
  • Restaurant
  • Wheelchair accessible - One cabin for 2 persons is wheelchair-accessible.


  • Adventure sports
  • Bird watching
  • Eco / nature / wildlife
  • Educational / research / volunteering
  • Fishing
  • Guided tours
  • Horseback riding
  • Walking / hiking

Other: Tours to nearby attractions:

  • Bird-watching in the pine-oak forest near San Rafael del Norte (see the list of birds for the pine-oak forest).
  • Scientific tourism in El Jaguar Reserve, Cerros de Yalí Reserve, Kilambé Reserve, and Musún Reserve.
  • Bird-watching on the shores of Lake Apanás.
  • Boat tours on Lake Apanás.
  • Canopy tour in the La Brellera pine forest near San Rafael del Norte.
  • Visit to Cascadas de la Unión, Cerros de Yalí Reserve.
  • Hike (22 km) to San Rafael del Norte.
  • Tour of the picturesque town of San Rafael del Norte (cathedral).
  • Visit the workshops of the black clay artisans in Las Cureñas.

Making a Difference

Number of employees: 5

Percentage of local employees: 100%

El Jaguar has become a model of sustainable production thanks to its environmental protection and social sustainability components, as demonstrated by the following:

  • El Jaguar is a private reserve, officially declared by Nicaragua's Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in 2005. It protects 100 acres (80 hectares) of cloud forest.
  • The reserve produces coffee certified by OCIA as organic and certified by Rainforest Alliance as sustainable.
  • Birdlife International declared it an Important Bird Area (IBA NI 15).
  • All of the rooms are powered by solar energy.
  • We hire local staff and support the local school in Carril.
  • We sponsor scientific research, mainly in the field of ornithology.


$51 – $75

From $51 to $100. The price includes lodging, three meals, reserve entrance fee, a guided tour, and a presentation about El Jaguar.

For more information about rates, please visit:

Getting There

Nearest international airport: Managua (MGA)

Distance, by land, to the nearest airport: 120 miles (190 km).

El Jaguar can be reached year-round in a 4 x 4 vehicle. For groups arriving by bus, we provide transport in a double traction vehicle for the last 1 1/4 miles (two kilometers) to the reserve.

Additional Information

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Date This Information Was Provided

August 2012.

Photos courtesy of Reserva El Jaguar, Nicaragua, for

Contact Information

Georges Duriaux

Jinotega, 28 km al norte, comarca El Carril

Tel: +505/2279-9219 ; +505/8886-1016



Rainforest Alliance Verified™

Date: January, 2012

Sustainability performance:
Environmental management: 65%
Sociocultural management: 82%
Business management: 62%

Overall performance: 70%



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