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Explora, Ecoturismo y Aventura - Eco Chiapas

Type of destination:

  • River / lake / wetland
  • Forest / rainforest
  • Indigenous community
  • Historic site

Type of business:

  • Tour operator

Target Market:

Mid range


Chiapas is one of the most fascinating states of Mexico. Located in the southern region, Chiapas has a geographical patchwork of many different climates and landscapes. Considered the most bio-diverse region in the country due to its great variety and abundance of flora and fauna, it is also an area rich in archaeological sites and eminent indigenous groups such as the Choles, Jalcatecos, Lacandones, Tzeltal, Zoque, Cakchiqueles, Mame, Tojolabal, Kanjobal, Moncho, Quiche, and Tzotzil.

In Chiapas, the options offered by nature tourism are varied, from rustic cabins in the jungle to complete sailing expedition packages on kayaks and rafts, to penetrating into the depths of the earth while exploring caves. Chiapas is attractive to the tourist looking to connect with nature and the indigenous people of this land. We always express absolute respect to the natural and cultural environment of the sites we visit.

Our purpose is to provide the finest available outdoor experience for each of our participants in the great and diverse Chiapas and to make your visit one that you will remember for a very long time. Most importantly, we want you come back!

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  • Adventure sports
  • Bird watching
  • Eco / nature / wildlife
  • Guided tours
  • Mountain climbing
  • River rafting / kayaking
  • Volunteers accepted
  • Walking / hiking

Making a Difference

Number of employees: 8

Percentage of local employees: 100%

We contribute to environmental awareness:

  • Our services go beyond offering adventure tourism activities. We aim to create experiences that change our customers' perspectives regarding the use and management of natural resources. We take small groups into biosphere reserves, sites that are ideal for creating environmental awareness.
  • In partnership with the Río Lacanja Campground, we are building an interpretive trail where tourists will understand the three different types of vegetation that occur in the area: high evergreen jungle (primary vegetation), the acahual (secondary vegetation), and the traditional cornfield or milpa.

We contribute to local development:

  • Our business practices prioritize actions that contribute to the local development of the places in which we operate, such as the Lacandon indigenous community of Lacanja-Chansayab. We create jobs by hiring local staff and buying products and services from local suppliers.

We contribute to conservation:

  • In partnership with Río Lacanja Campground, we provide financial support to the maintenance of a 20 acre (8 ha) conservation area within the buffer zone of the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve. This has allowed the forest to continue recovering at a site that 13 years ago was deforested.

Getting There

Nearest international airport: Tapachula (TAP)

Additional Information

Awards or Recognitions

In 2008, we earned the M Distinction, an award given by the national government to businesses that meet the standards of the Modern Quality Program and implement management systems that generate results in customer satisfaction, process improvement, profitability, and employee personal development.


Date This Information Was Provided

June 2013.

Photos courtesy of Explora, Ecoturismo y Aventura - Eco Chiapas, Mexico, for

Contact Information

Ernesto López Gutiérrez
General Manager

1° de marzo # 30, Centro Histórico
San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Tel: +52/967-631-7498
Fax: +52/967-674-6660



Rainforest Alliance Verified™

Date: June, 2014

Sustainability performance:
Environmental management: 91%
Sociocultural management: 84%
Business management: 88%

Overall performance: 88%



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